Back from MD!

Well, I must say, Maryland is a fun place. Me, The Pheez, and our cousins went down to Ocean City for the week, and it was a good time. We went to the beach everyday, as our condo over looked it. The Condo was nice, me and phil pretty much had run of the living room. It pretty much went like this everyday: Wake up, beach, come back, chill on the balcony, go out somewhere. Very relaxing. The best part- There were so many beautiful girls down there. Like drop dead gorgeous. Angelo, one of our cousins, was very dissappointed in us for not talking to any of them. I was mad at phil. Girls were checking him out, and he was just like, blah. I mean, granted i didnt talk to any girls, none were checking me out. Come on Phil….
The worst part was my couin Chris smoking. She smokes alot. Alot alot. Thats all i have to say about that.
Anyway, the waves on the beach were nuts. We did some boogy boarding, and i caught some good waves. For those of you who will make the comment, yes i am fat, but im fucking good with a boogy board. We also ate shit on alot of waves. One killed my shoulder. Killed it dead.
Friday night and all through Saturday, we caught wind (no pun inteneded) of Hurricane Charile. By Sat evening, it was a tropical storm, but it was awesome. 50-55 MPH winds, insane amounts of rain, and 7 foot waves! It was definatly a great show.
Well, thats about it. Its good to be home. Now im going to bed, because, well, im beat. Later!

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