The All Access Pass is Available for a Few More Days

I hope 2019 is off to a good start for you! As you read this, I’m on a trip that my wife surprised me with. I hope, too, that you’ll br both surprised and delighted. I’m doubling down on Creator Courses this year, and in an effort to build up better content, I’m offering a way for your to save thousands of dollars: The All Access Pass.

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Win All 3 of my Books in this eBook Give Away!

With the weather getting nicer here in the Northeast (finally), me moving to @wpengine (finally), and some extra codes sitting around for electronic copies of my books, I decided I it would be nice to ring in Spring with a give away! Read on to see how you can win a eBook version of all three of my books: Building WordPress Themes from Scratch, Responsive Design with WordPress, and The Web Designer’s Guide to Google Glass.

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Trying Flexbox at Casabona.Org

If you’ve visited Casabona.Org this week, you noticed that the homepage got a bit of a refresh; I decided to add more color, have more concise and focus content, and tried to give visitors an idea of what I do as soon as they get to the site. One new thing I tried was using the Flexbox Layout Module to layout the two-column area. Here’s how I’m handling it.

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Responsive Design with WordPress Giveaway

rwdwp-coverAs you’ve probably read, my book, Responsive Design with WordPresscame out last month and is now available to purchase online and in stores. My publisher has also sent me a few copies to give to family, friends, important people, etc. I’ve decided that I’m going to give a few of those copies away through a couple of contests.

They are both pretty basic and outlined here. The first one is through the website GoodReads. I’m giving away 3 copies and the contest runs until the 31st. All you have to do is enter here, assuming you have a GoodReads account.

The other is your pretty standard social media content. There are 2 copies up for grabs and the contest runs until January 13th. You can enter on Facebook, Twitter, or by signing up for this contest only newsletter. Details for both Facebook and Twitter are on the contest page.

So hurry up! You have 1 week. You can enter all 4 ways to increase your chances, but you can only win one copy of the book. They are print versions and if you win I’ll be in touch to get your mailing address. Shipping in the USA and Canada is on me, but depending on the shipping cost elsewhere, I might ask for some help. If you have any questions, leave a comment here.

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Rock-Solid WordPress 3.0 Themes using Custom Post Types

The good people over at Nettuts+ have published a tutorial I wrote for them called Rock-Solid WordPress 3.0 Themes using Custom Post Types. In it I cover how to leverage 3.0’s new custom types to make it easier on yourself and on clients when creating different types of posts for you website. Head on over there and check it out!

Rock-Solid WordPress 3.0 Themes using Custom Post Types


My Interview at FreelanceFuse

Sam McArdle over at FreelanceFuse was nice enough to interview me about being a freelancer- primarily how I started the business and manage my web development projects. I really enjoyed doing the interview (even if he is a Redsox fan!) and appreciate his interest in my business and freelancing in general.

From his site:

The FreelanceFuse mission is to create a resource for readers (and listeners) to understand where successful freelancers come from, where they are right now and where they are going in the future. The idea is to provide stories that are so powerful they inspire up and coming freelancers to quit procrastinating and start doing.

This is a mission I can get behind 100%. So head on over and check out my interview, along with the others there!

My Interview | FreelanceFuse Home

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My Favorite Posts from 2009

Here’s a new Favorites of category I’m starting for the new decade. These are my favorite posts from 2009:

You should also check out the Safe Social Media Series, and the Quick Tips for 2009.