Hi! I’m Joe Casabona- an accredited college course creator, professor, & web developer.

I sell online courses over at Creator Courses and created them for LinkedIn Learning and The University of Scranton, and I host a podcast called How I Built It

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Superfans and Bad Blood

Books Recap for August 2019

In August, I finished 2 books and read about 260 pages. I also listened to 11 hours of audiobooks (339 pages). That brings my grand total up to 22 books. My total is way down from previous months and that's due to a few reasons. One is half of the week now, instead of ...
Millennium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge

What Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Taught Me About the Details

Today is the day Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens at Walt Disney World. I was lucky enough to preview it 2 weeks ago and experience most of the attractions and workshops there. On top of being completely enamored by Batuu (I mean, I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan), there was a lot to ...
Podcasting on a Budget: Less than $100 for everything

Start a Podcast for Less Than $100 (Podcasting on a Budget)

Welcome to the first installment of Podcasting on a Budget! Over the course of several posts, I'll talk about how you can start a podcast for less than $100, $250, $600, and $1000. Let's get started with the lowest barrier for entry: Podcasting for less than $100. Overview If you're looking to podcast for ...
A clock, pen, notebook, and smart phone on a white desk.

How to Aggressively Guard Your Time and be More Productive

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you start in on a project. 5 minutes later you get an email. Maybe a phone call comes in (confirming you go the email, of-course). After that you start on the project again. Someone pings you on Slack. You chat with them until you realize you have a ...

My Travel Schedule for Fall 2019

Every year there seems to be a season where I travel more than usual, and this year it starts today! Here’s a list of conferences (or cities) I’ll be visiting now through the end of the year. If you’re going to be around at the same time, let me know! Aug. 12-16: Orlando, FL ...

Books Recap for July 2019

In August I finished 3 books and read about 970 pages. That brings my grand total up to 20 books. I was hoping to hit my goal of 21 in July, but my current book is a grind, and finding time to read it has been equally difficult. Let's take a look! Book 1: ...

How My Organization Tools Have Changed

A while back I wrote about how I stay organized. The process isn’t dramatically different, but the gear has changed and I’ve gotten some questions about it - so here’s an update! Analog vs. Digital First, let’s talk about analog vs. digital processes. I get into some of the finer details here, on the ...
Announcing Memberships for Creator Courses: Join a community of learners

Announcing Memberships for Creator Courses

A little over 3 years ago, I moved away from Scranton, PA. It was the right decision, of-course. I got married and my wife and I got a place closer to where she worked. After living there for over a decade (between college and post-graduate life), I can say I was ready. But there ...

Books Recap for June 2019

In June I finished 3 books and read about 750 pages. That brings my grand total up to 17 books on the year, and 4 away from my goal for 2019. Given that I'm going to the beach this month, I'll likely hit that by the end of the summer (if not sooner). Book ...

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