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Hi! I’m Joe Casabona & I do 3 things well: teach, code, and podcast.

I create online courses at Creator Courses and for LinkedIn Learning. When I'm not doing that, I host a podcast called How I Built It and help people launch their own podcasts.

(Done for You)


You have a story to tell. But you don't have time to produce a podcast. That's where I come in. You press record. I'll do the rest.

(Self Paced)

Online Courses

I teach site creators the best way to build sites, so they don't have to waste their time digging on YouTube.

(My Podcast)

How I Built It

You'll get insight from small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution.

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My Thoughts on the AirPods Pro 2 Weeks in… I've had the AirPods Pro for 2 weeks and have taken them on planes, trains, and automobiles. Well...not trains. But planes, cars, conferences, and coffee shops! Let's see how they measure up.
Create Simple One-Click Polls with Starfish Reviews

Create Simple One-Click Polls with Starfish Reviews If you want to create the polls of least resistance, Starfish Reviews can help! This WordPress plugin will allow you to create simple Yes/No polls with unique URLs for both answers. Learn how to use it in this video. Poll: * Vote Yes: * Vote No: Starfish Reviews: Interview with ...
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My Travel Recording Setup

I was watching Friends last night (something I often do) and started thinking about the recording technology of the mid to late 90s. It occurred to me that my iPhone is more powerful than at least some of the cameras featured in the show. It also got me thinking about my new travel recording ...
Create a Simple Opt-in Popup for WordPress with Ahoy!

Create a Simple Opt-in Popup for WordPress with Ahoy! Ahoy! is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows you to create all sorts of small popups for chats, cart abandonment, and more. We’re going to go through step-by-step, how to make a simple email opt-in for your WordPress website with Ahoy! Get 20% off with code HOWIBUILTIT:
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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your WordCamp US Experience

WordCamp US 2019 is next week and I'm getting excited. It's the biggest US-based conference for people in the WordPress community and at this point, it feels a lot like a college reunion to me. But there are also goals I'd like to accomplish while I'm there. If you're spending your own money to ...
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How Multiple Backups Saved 15 Years of Photos

Over the weekend I had a bit of a scare. I was thinking about my trip to Ireland - a trip I took nearly 15 years ago - and I decided to take a walk down memory lane. Since those photos were on Flickr and I decided to delete Flickr earlier this year, I ...

CaboPress 2019: Telling a Better Story

It was my 3rd year attending CaboPress, and for those keeping score, I’ve gotten fantastic advice each year. Year One was about figuring out who I was talking to. Year Two was about figuring out what I was telling them. This year, it’s all about how I’m telling it. The Hero’s Journey Earlier this ...
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How to get More Comfortable Recording a Podcast

Over the weekend, I gave a talk at WordCamp NYC about podcasting (you can see the slides here). While I generally get a bunch of fantastic questions, one really stood out this weekend. Travis Lima asked me (paraphrasing here), "How do you get more comfortable speaking into the microphone." I loved it because while ...
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