I want to help you. I've been a web developer for 16 years. I've been a teacher for 10 years. And I love doing both. Since June, I've made it my full time goal to help people by teaching them how to use WordPress, coaching them on their WordPress business, and improving their communication and support for customers. Below are the things I'm really focusing on right now. So...how can I help you?



I have a mentorship program called WordPress Business Coaching. If you can make a  website but want to run your WordPress-based business better, this is the program for you. Get in touch if you're interested in improving your business! 


I create online courses and instructional videos with one thing in mind: get you to build something. My courses are concise, task-driven, and they focus on learning by doing. Have a look around. There's lots fo great stuff in store for 2018.


How I Built It is a podcast that tells origin stories - specifically the origin stories of products and businesses. For 30 minutes each week, we look at how something went from inception to complete. Season 4 lands in January, and it's going to be great.

Companies I've Worked With


I make things with WordPress

I started working with WordPress in 2004, when it was about 1 year old. Since then I've worked on everything from small mom and pop shops to huge sites for Fortune 100 companies. I've done everything from create custom themes and plugins, to cleaning 3 million spam comments from WordPress installs. I love tinkering, creating, and scratching my own itch. Here's some of my work: 

I teach & create Courses

I've been a teacher for 10 years, starting at the college level for the University of Scranton as a TA with my own class. Now I still teach there, as well as develop online courses, accredited classes, and custom curriculums for WordPress, web development, and general technology. Here's a small sample: 

From the Blog

Switching to Windows

Switching to Windows with my new PC

Earlier this year I decided that I needed more power in my production machine. The 2017 fully loaded Macbook Pro, much to my dismay, was not cutting it and I wasn’t even doing 4K videos. When faced with the option of dropping $5000+ on a new iMac Pro (which I could not afford to do), …

Switching to Windows with my new PCRead More »

How Can I Help You?

Have questions about WordPress, Online Courses, or Podcasting? I can help! Schedule a call and let's start a conversation. 

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