Alien vs. Predator…3

Id say it was worth the money. It starts off slow, and kinda picks up towards the end. Basically, the Predators hunt the Aliens, who are in this underground pyramid, thousands of feet under antarctica. It was the first pyramid ever. There is this queen alien there who lays eggs every hundered years and the predators kill them. So the Predators know the aliens need humans to be born, and they lure the humans into this pyramid. And the battle ensues.
There are some very corny parts in the movie. But the fights, which is really the only reason you should see the movie, we pretty cool. There was really no epic one, and for that im disappointed. If you had the slightest thought of seeing this, go see it. If you have no desire, i dont recommend it. Me- I liked it- sort of. I wouldnt see it again though. It reminded me alot of Freddy vs. Jason. Alot alot actually. Later

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