Educator, Podcaster, Developer.


I love teaching! So much so that I’ve made it my full time job. I started freelancing in 2002, and have been a teacher at the college level for over 10 years. I also have my Master’s Degree in Software Engineering.

My passion in both areas drove me to build Creator Courses, a school for those who want to create online businesses. As a big proponent of learning by doing, I loves creating focused, task-driven courses to help students build something.

I also love hearing people’s stories. So when I’m not teaching, I’m interviewing people for my podcast,How I Built It.


In addition to the profession stuff, I love Star Wars, Disney, smoking cigars, and playing the drums.

Words that people use to describe me are: nerd, author, teacher, speaker, and ‘you make websites right?’

I do indeed make websites and really love doing it! I’ve been doing it since high school and it so happens that I made it my hobby and my profession. If you’re interested, I tell the story here on Living Your Passion (around the 7 minute mark). Aside from web development:

Fun Fact: If I couldn’t use computers for my job, I’d probably be an animator.

About the Blog

I guess the official start of this thing was in 2002, when I had some space on Geocitiesand was just starting out in the web dev world. I was in high school, so really it was more like a LiveJournal, filled with teen angst. I mean, you know how high school is. Or maybe you don’t. It’s cool.

Since then it’s evolved from a fake LJ to a place of substance. I usually talk tech, freelancing, and whatever else piques my interest. I’m always up for a discussion, so feel free to add in your two cents anytime you want.


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