CGP Grey Grades Each US State Flag

One of my favorite YouTubers/podcasters has a great video out where he grades each U.S. State flag on a scale from S-F, and FS-FF. It’s so fantastic. Here’s what he says about my native state of New York:

Let’s just visit London real  quick and here you’ll see Union Jacks for sale everywhere; Union Jacks used everywhere. Because U.K. did S tier work. Back in London’s sister city of New York, can you even find a state flag? 

And are you really going to let New Jersey  have a more identifiable flag than you? New…Jersey?!

Check out the whole video, as it is glorious.


Great Review of Apple Music Classical

If you’re as interested in Apple Music Classic as I am, check out this great review by Kirk Mcelhearn on Tidbits:

Two types of people will want to use Apple Music Classical. Those who don’t know much about classical music but want to explore it, and those who are already classical music fans and want to find their favorite artists and recordings and discover new ones.

If you fall into the former category and want to discover classical music, browsing the Listen Now section will help you discover different types of music. Apple has provided a number of playlists with spoken introductions in The Story of Classical, a nine-part selection of music. If you want to learn more about different classical periods (baroque, romantic, etc.), The Story of Classical will help.

Read the whole review here.