Gutenberg Price Table

Creating a Responsive Gutenberg Price Table

Last week I worked on an upcoming tutorial for a popular online publication on how to style the Gutenberg Columns block (I’ll be sure to send that along when it comes out). As as result, I decided to experiment to see what you could reasonable do, and came up with this Gutenberg Price Table: In …

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Web Development Resources, Summer 2013

I have a ton of bookmark folders to help keep myself organized, though to be honest I usually bookmark something and then forget about it. So, while looking through some of my folders, I can across a good amount of web development resources I’ve been keeping. I’ve decided to share them.

Web Design Day 2012, Pittsburgh

Over the weekend, I attended Web Design Day in Pittsburgh, PA. There were a lot of great speakers, I met a lot of great people, and it was an all-around fun event! Here are some of my notes from the talks.