Gutenberg Price Table

Creating a Responsive Gutenberg Price Table

Last week I worked on an upcoming tutorial for a popular online publication on how to style the Gutenberg Columns block (I’ll be sure to send that along when it comes out). As as result, I decided to experiment to see what you could reasonable do, and came up with this Gutenberg Price Table: In this tutorial, we’ll go over some of the things we need to do to make this happen.

Learning Binge 2: Design, Sketch, and Angular

Around January of 2014, I wrote about a learning plan I came up with get me up to speed on several tools, including git and Sass. That worked out relatively well for me, seeing as I use both of those every day now. I’ve decided that while I’m not going to break it down by weeks this time around, I still have a plan in place to learn a couple of new things.

Trying Flexbox at Casabona.Org

If you’ve visited Casabona.Org this week, you noticed that the homepage got a bit of a refresh; I decided to add more color, have more concise and focus content, and tried to give visitors an idea of what I do as soon as they get to the site. One new thing I tried was using the Flexbox Layout Module to layout the two-column area. Here’s how I’m handling it.

Web Development Resources, Summer 2013

I have a ton of bookmark folders to help keep myself organized, though to be honest I usually bookmark something and then forget about it. So, while looking through some of my folders, I can across a good amount of web development resources I’ve been keeping. I’ve decided to share them.

Mobile Browser Testing

So this Responsive Web thing is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. As mobile browsers get more powerful, we can do a lot of great things that used to be thought of as only possible on  the desktop. We no longer need to have redirects on mobile that take our users to a separate site; we can have it all, no matter what device they are viewing our sites from. I recently updated both my site and my blog to be responsive (I’m still working some kinks out of the blog- I’m sorry for the mess). However, as mobile browsers are becoming powerful and plentiful, we run into the same issues we’re seeing on the desktop- we need to test our mobile friendly versions in several different browsers across multiple platforms.

An Event Apart Boston 2012

Last week I was afforded the opportunity to go to An Event Apart Boston, a conference I’ve wanted to attend for a few years now. I attribute most of what I know to the fine folks that run with that group, including Zeldman, Dan Cerderholm, Ethan Marcotte, and Luke Wroblewski, all of whom would be speaking. Now that the dust has settled, the photos have been posted, a my notes have been typed up, I’m ready to talk about what I’ve learned.