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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I love the site Every Day Carry and figured it might be interesting to post my own. Below is a list of my current EDC, as well as a couple things not pictured.

  1. Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook: My bullet journal and where I keep notes, sketches, and lists.
  2. The book I’m currently reading: Right now, it’s Alan Turing: The EnigmaI’ll usually keep it in my bag for when I have some downtime.
  3. My Watch: This can change from time to time as I have about 12 watches I switch between. Pictured is the Moto 360, which I absolutely love.
  4. A spare micro USB cable: You never know when you’ll need one!
  5. Cash: I always have some cash on me, just in-case.
  6. Geber Kiowa Serrated Knife:  I feel a knife is a nice, practical tool to have on you. I got a great deal on this one from Gander Mountain.
  7. Leather Bifold Wallet: My dad got my this; it has my initials on it and I recently started using it again. Until now, I’ve been using a great slim wallet by Ugmonk that’s no longer available. I might pick this one up though.
  8. XIKAR EX Windproof Lighter Gunmetal:  My brother says it’s good to have 3 things on you people always need: A knife, a pen, and a lighter. I smoke cigars so I always have this on my just in-case. Xikar makes great stuff and everything has a lifetime guarantee.
  9. Jackery Mini Charger: This is great to have when your devices need a little extra juice. When I travel, I have it’s big brother with me as well.
  10. Nock Co. High Tower: This is always in my bag and equipped with a couple of notebooks and pens. Currently I have a couple of TWSBI 580s, a Retro 51 Pen, and a rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil.
  11. Ti2 Techliner: I also keep a pen in my front pocket. Currently it’s the Ti2 Techliner, which is fantastic.
  12. Field Notes Pitch Black: Similarly, I keep a Field Notes notebook in my back pocket at all times for misc. ideas and notes when I don’t have my journal on me.
  13. Amazon Premium Headphones: I keep these just in-case I’m away from my desk and need them. Amazon makes pretty nice in-ear headphones, which magnetized backs so the buds stick together.
  14. Orbtikey Keyring: I love thing thing. Slimmer than a regular keyring and keeps everything organized. I also have a Xikar Multitool, a SIM key (why not?) and an Alamo Multitool attached to it.

Not Pictured:

Not pictured are my phone, the OnePlus One and my bag, the Timbuk2 Finder Messenger Bag.

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