Something New…

I love Stand Up Comedy. Alot. SO i made a new category called “Comedy.” Whenerver I find a blog worthly joke, or comedian as it may be, Im going to post it. I think its a good idea. So, here goes.

Ron White:
“My friend is a homophobic. I think that is the most useless thing in the world…He says to me one day, ‘You know, this world would be alot better if there werent so many queers.’ I says to him- Next time you have a thought, stop. We are all a little gay. He says, ‘Thats bull shit. Im not gay at all!’ You’re gay and i can proove it. Do you watch porn? ‘Yeah- I love porn.’ Do you only watch girl on girl? ‘Nah man, i watch a man and woman.’ Do you like when the guy has a small half assed little cock? ‘No- I love big hard flappin c—. Holy Shit.'”

Ron White is fucking hillarious. check him out here. My favorite story of his: “I got kicked out of a bar in NYC…”

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