Affiliate Disclosure

Howdy! I’ll cut right to the quick:

This site uses affiliate links.

I’m part of a bunch of affiliate websites: Amazon’s, Shareasale, Impact Radius, LinkMink, and I’m sure others I’m probably forgetting. Just know that if I’m linking to a product, there’s a good chance it’s an affiliate link.

That said, I’m only linking to stuff I personally recommend. That’s incredibly important to me. I’ve either used, demoed, or personally own, whatever I’m linking to.

What about sponsored posts or free stuff?

If it’s not an affiliate link, but I got money or free stuff to write the post, that will be clearly mentioned on the post or page. You’ll know right off the bat if you’re reading something that’s paid placement.

So all-in-all, I use affiliate links regularly for stuff I truly recommend, and sponsored posts will be clearly labeled as such! Thanks so much for reading I really appreciate it.

– Joe

Updated 10/30/2019