Announcing 2 New Podcasts

Two New Podcasts: One Global, One Local

This post is a bit more of a personal update, with news I’m very excited to share. Back in November, I started floating the idea of done for you podcasting, thanks to encouragement at CaboPress.

I’m happy to announce today the first launch of that new service. I also launched a new podcast with a friend!

Next Level Ops: a Podcast by Plesk

First up is Next Level Ops, by Plesk. Next Level Ops is a podcast that explores tools, tips, and techniques for hosting and managing websites. We wanted to make sure that listeners were getting good valuable advice without overt Plesk promotion. I think we struck the right balance.

We cover a range of topics, from helpful tools, to hyper scale cloud. We even cover the future of hosting. I have the honor of being the host of the show and I have certainly learned a lot over the past few months.

If you do anything on the web, especially with WordPress, you should check out the show.

Start Local: A Podcast to Help Small Businesses

The second podcast that I helped launch last week was one called Start Local , and it’s a locally focused show I started with my friend Liam Dempsey.

When I interviewed Matt Medeiros for How I Built It in January, I thought out loud about starting my own locally focused podcast for Chester County, PA and the greater Philly area. Liam, after hearing that episode, reached out expressing interest in the same thing. We just needed a focus.

Enter COVID-19. With the global pandemic affecting businesses big and small, we felt that local businesses could use some extra help in the form of advice, ideas, and stories from other folks in the same area. In order to keep it as relevant as possible, we sprinted to get it launched in short order, and the first interview went up Friday.

If you’re in the Chester County, PA and greater Philly area, this is going to be a great resource for you – check it out. And if you have a suggestion for a guest, let us know!

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