Testing a post-roll Ad for my newsletter

I’ve been thinking a lot about podcast calls to action lately. I even talked about it on my new daily podcast, Podcast Workflows. Increasingly, I feel my stance on a pre-roll CTA, before you deliver any value, is bad. It’s like asking for the sale before someone knows who you are. It’s like asking blind date. Some people are OK…

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SOP for Publishing my Daily, Mini Podcast

I like to imagine that when Thomas Jefferson finished writing the Declaration of Independence, he sat back in the swivel chair he invented, smiled, and sighed a big sign of relieve. The same thing goes for when Walter Cronkite finished his first TV broadcast, JK Rowling finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Simone Biles stuck the landing…


Why Descript Buying SquadCast is Great for Podcasters

Descript made a big splash on Tuesday by announcing they acquired the popular remote recording service, SquadCast. Something I couldn’t stop thinking about after Riverside, SquadCast’s biggest competitor, launched edit via transcripts is how it felt like they’re trying to eat Descript’s lunch. After all, Descript has made a name for itself as the easiest way to edit your podcast….

Iterating to Grow Your Podcast: Next Steps for How I Built It

I often talk about how course creation is not passive income, which I think is an increasingly less common misconception. What’s generally not a misconception is, “podcasting is passive income.” For one, podcasting is something you need to show up regularly to do well. Second, most people aren’t making money podcasting. But still, growing complicit in your podcast format and…

5 Ways to get More Podcast Downloads

There are times in life when you have a fairly captive audience. You’re giving a lecture at a college where attendance is required. You’re the keynote speaker at a conference. You’re leading a meeting at work. You’re explaining to your wife why CSS Custom Properties are the bee’s knees1. But a podcast…and most online content…is the opposite of that. In-fact,…


Why the WordPress.com / Spotify Deal is Bad for Podcasting

Imagine telling Gordon Ramsay that he cooked dinner last night…why not just serve the leftovers to his customers today? While I’m no Michelin chef, I do create a lot of content. And you can’t just throw the left overs out there and expect the same quality content. So why are WordPress.com and Spotify telling us to do that?