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I’m Doubling Down on Patreon

The first time I learned how to burn a CD was mind-blowing. It was 1999 and YouTube didn’t exist. Most of the web was brochure sites with marquees and hit counters, so there wasn’t a great place for learning how to do literally anything. Instead, my cousin came over and showed me. He brought a blank CD, opened software on my computer, dragged the songs I wanted into this window and clicked, “Burn.” A few minutes later, BOOM. I had my very own mix CD. What jumped out at me the most was how easy it was when someone was there to show me the way. I felt accomplished.

That experience did 2 things for me. It allowed me to have a very successful mix CD business in high school, and it made me realized I just needed to try things in order to learn them. I felt empowered by the fact that someone showed me the way.

I want you to feel empowered too. That’s why I started on Patreon.

Why Donate?

I love being an educator. Because of that, I put out a bunch of free content. My weekly podcast, YouTube videos, blog posts, and eBooks to name a few. I’d love to do a lot more of that. I’d actually love to focus on the full time!

I’m lucky enough to work for myself. I support my family with sponsorships, online courses, and freelance work. With your support, I can switch focus away from freelance work, to creating more great content. I want to make better resource for learners and educators, spend more time researching interesting topics, and tell more great stories.

Back Up! How does Patreon Work?

Great question! Patreon allows people like you to support content creators like me by making monthly pledges, or donations. Usually, there will be multiple pledge levels, and rewards for each level. You can set spending limits and stop at any time. Basically, you get to empower and support content creators directly.

Is Donating for You?

I have a confession. Asking for donations has never come easy for me. But I’m also really passionate about teaching, and Patreon is a great way to get the freedom to do that more. For just $1/month, you can get access to not only incredible content, but more access to me. $12/year is like one month of Netflix!

There’s a big but though. You should only donate if you find value in what I’m doing. There’s lots of great content out there, and lots of people vying for your hard-earned money. I only want you to donate if you dig what I’m doing. Rest assured, my blog, podcast, and YouTube channel will continue to have quality free content. Donating (and reaching my goals) just means more.

Rewards & Goals

Speaking of…if you do decide to donate, you’re in for a treat! I want you to feel the value you’re adding. I think the best way for you to do that through great rewards at all levels.


  • $1/Month: Access to My Discord Server, where you, me, and all the other patrons can chat about what we’re working on. You’ll also get access to live streams of me working on stuff, Q&A forums, and the suggestion box, where you can request tutorials, videos, and podcast guests.
  • $5/Month: Everything in the previous reward level, plus ad-free episodes of How I Built It, early. You will also get bonus episodes, and access to a private discord channel where you can ask upcoming guests your own questions.
  • $10/Month: Everything in the previous reward levels, plus a transcript ebook for each Season (starting in Season 4), priority requests for tutorials, and a Build Something T-Shirt after your 3rd pledge.
  • $50/Month: Everything in the previous levels, plus access to a white labeled video repository. This will have some great tutorial videos without my logos, free for you to use. You will also get 2 consultation calls per year, starting after your 6th pledge.
  • $100/Month: Everything above, plus monthly calls with me starting after the 2nd pledge.


  • $200/month: When I hit $200/month, I’ll do a monthly giveaway of plugins, swag, Amazon gift cards, and more to a random Patron.
  • $1,500/month: At $1500/month, I’ll do a mini-series (4 episodes over the course of 8 weeks) that focuses in on how something was built. When possible, I’ll pull from the suggestion box!
  • $3,000/ month: At the $3000/month I’m going to put on the Build Something Summit. It will be an online conference that’s free for backers at $10 and up (with discounts for other levels), and it will be 6 hours of sessions that take an idea from concept to launch and support.
  • $5,000/month: At $5000/month, I will build out 2-3 projects per year and record (live stream?!) the process from inception to launch. I will share notes, code, and videos on the entire process so you can see How I Built It.
  • $8,000/month: A How I Built It Book! I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. I will write a book about my experience with the podcast, and highlights from all of the released episodes. The book will be printed, and sent to anyone at the $10+/month level.
  • $10,000/month: I will put on the Build Something Conference. This will be a live, in-person conference where backers can come meet each other, learn from great speakers, and even work on things they’re building! It will be free for anyone who’s pledged at least $119 and discounted for all other Patrons.

Thank You!

I wouldn’t be able to do this at all without the incredible support I’ve gotten so far from family and friends, guests, sponsors, and of-course, you!

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