My Desk: favorites of 2018

Favorites of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time for what’s become my favorite post of the year. I like looking back at the things I’ve invested in and spent time on. This year feels special to me because on top of it being my first full year in business, I spent a lot time automating processes and improving my workflows to be more productive. More on that in a different post, so for now, onto the favorites!

podcast listeners

How Do You Listen to Podcasts? (Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card)

I’ve spent more than one post on this blog talking about podcast sponsorships. Today, I wanted to talk about podcast listeners. There are a lot of stats out there for website users – where they came from, what they do on the site, how long they stay, and a lot more. While there have been strides in the last few months surrounding stats on podcasts, I feel like I still don’t know much about my listeners. I’ve tried surveys in the past, but they didn’t go well. So I’m switching things up a bit.

100 Words 028

Remember that time I referenced a post I hadn’t written yet? Well here it is! I was discussing the apparent topic of the week: my soon to be revived TIL podcast. I mentioned that I decided not to do another general learning podcast because, well, there’s a lot of them. About 8 months ago, I wrote a post about which ones I listen to. Here’s an update to that post.

All great podcasts (and Lore is new). All have a great hook.

Podcasts I Listen to Every Week

At CoalWork this morning, the guys and I were discussing podcasts that we’ve been listening to and I thought it would make a good blog post to list my favorites here. I’ll also extend the challenge to my friends Colin, Kyle, & Nick Benson.

Here are mine: 

What do you listen to? Leave some in the comments!


Simplecast Episodes Version 0.6

Over the weekend I released Version 0.6 of my @simplecast plugin, Simplecast Episodes. Aside from some smaller internal changes, I added what I think is a pretty nice feature to coincide with WordPress 3.9’s new feature to create media playlists from audio and video: the ability to download episodes directly into WordPress, adding them to the media library.

Projects Roundup for February 7th.

I’ve had quite a productive week as far as new work, releases, and new projects go and I’d like to share them here on the blog. A few weeks ago I made a decision to revamp the way I work, learn new things, and even adjusted my work schedule a bit to make me more productive. This is the first full week where things really came together and I think it’s shown!

Interesting Links & Podcasts for for July 18

Podcasts I’ve Been Listening To

Finally, with Google Glass I’ve created a new blog called People Reacting to Glass. It’s a lot of fun and you should check it out (and if you have Glass, submit your own photos)

Some Interesting Links & Podcasts

I just started listening to podcasts regularly so I figured I’d share some of them, as well as your normal cool links.

Stuff You Should Know: A podcast from How Stuff Works about general knowledge stuff that covers a wide range of topics from Bitcoin to Torture. Very interesting stuff!

Stuff You Missed in History Class: Another podcast from How Stuff Works that covers topics you may have not learned about in school.

ALA’s 2013 Summer Reading List: @alistapart is the best source on the web for web development and design articles. This is their recommended reading list.

Yesterland – Tobacco Shop: In looking for a cigar shop around Disneyland, I came across this interesting bit of history regarding Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom Disneyland. This talks about the Tobacco Shop, one of the first shops in the strip.

How to not be Alone: A really interesting article from @nytimes about how technology affects us. My favorite quote: Technology celebrates connectedness, but encourages retreat. 

The Missing Linc’s Doctor Who Viewing Guide – Series 1: I recently started watching Doctor Who. My friend Joe (@iammissinglinc) created this nifty viewer’s guide to help you learn what’s what!