When To Listen To Podcasts When Stuck at Home

When To Listen To Podcasts When Stuck at Home

So you normally listen to podcasts on your commute to and from work, in the car, or generally when traveling. And now..well, you’re probably not doing much of that. So when do you find time to listen to podcasts? Here are a few good times to listen to podcasts while you’re cooped up at home.

In the Morning, Before Work

Something I’ve managed to get into the habit of is waking up before my daughter – and I cherish that time. I have my coffee, listen to a podcast, and prepare for the day. It also serves as a pretty good distraction from the news.

I know that depending on your own schedule (or your kids’ schedules) this might be tough. But if you can find some alone time in the morning, a podcast is a great way to great ready for the day.

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While Doing Chores

Cooking or Cleaning provide a great opportunity to listen to podcasts. It gives you a chance to learn or be entertained while also being productive. If you’re anything like me, you don’t listen to podcasts when you work because they’re too distracting. But chores afford just the right amount of mental freedom to listen and work at the same time!

On Walks

As I write this, it’s still OK to go out and take a walk, so long as you maintain your distance from other people. Take your headphones with you and get the blood flowing and brain working by listening to a podcast during your walk.

You could listen while you exercise too – I know a lot of people do. But I need some motivating music when I work out!

Before Bed

If the morning doesn’t work for you, perhaps before bed will. Things are probably a little calmer in the evenings – especially if you have kids that you send to bed before you.

Listening to a podcast while doing another relaxing activity is a nice way to wind down the day. I like to listen while I build lego, play video games, or sketch.

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When are You Getting Your Podcast Fix?

When do you usually listen to podcasts and has that changed since spending more time at home? I’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment below!

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