Podcast Do’s and Dont’s

Podcast Do’s and Don’ts

As you start your podcast, you’ll be faced with tons of decisions to make, like format, topics, artwork, what kind of gear to buy, and more. here are some dos and don’ts to help make your journey a little smoother.


  • Determine the purpose of your show (why are you starting it?)
  • Research your topics and guests
  • Send it to more than just Apple Podcasts
  • Record a few episodes before officially committing to see if you like it
  • Make the audio quality as good as you reasonably can
  • Encourage engagement with your audience (ask for feedback, reviews, etc)
  • Have a website to share episodes
  • Start building your list as soon as possible.
  • Grab the social media profiles
  • Have fun


  • Sweat the Audio Quality too much (it should be listenable, but you don’t need to sound like NPR)
  • Assume it will make you rich
  • Assume you will get thousands (or even hundreds) of downloads in the first week
  • Make your intro music too long (DO get to the good stuff)
  • Make it an hour long pitch (DO add value for your listeners so they trust you)
  • Get discouraged. Podcasting is a bit of a grind so make sure to have fun.

What are you struggling with?

Have you been struggling to start a podcast? What’s stopping you? Let me know in the comments!

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