Be Inquisitive

Have an Inquisitive Mind

If I had to pick one thing I knew for certain my wife likes about me, it would be my inquisitive nature. She says it regularly. It’s because we’ll be talking about something and I’ll blurt out, “I wonder how that started,” or “Who do you think the first person to try that was,” or …

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My 2018 Learning Plan

My 2018 Learning Plan

Every so often I like to come up with a learning plan for the year/month/week. Last year’s didn’t work out the way I hoped for a number of reasons (like having a baby, and going solo). But this year I’m doubling my efforts and came up with a plan where I set aside at least …

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100 Words 037

I’ve decided just this morning that I’m going to start each day with an educational video that’s less than 5 minutes long. A couple of years ago I spent a weekend with a group of friends when I realized they all knew way more than me about things not in their professional field. Since then, …

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Don’t Fear the Learning Curve

One scene in a movie that I will always remember is from The Matrix. Neo, finally disconnected from the Matrix, is learning new skills by having them ‘uploaded’ to his brain. The culmination of the scene is when he famously says to Morpheus, “I know Kung-Fu,” and they fight. I think about how great it would …

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