I’m Back on Twitter

I know.

In some ways, I knew when I wrote the On Leaving Twitter post back in January. Part of me figured I’d be writing this post.

So after 3+ months of being completely off Twitter, I’m back on.

Not entirely because I missed it1, but because at CEX I was convinced it’s somewhere I need to be.

My friend Justin Mooretold me that as a coach, Twitter is where I need to be because that’s where people ask questions.

In my own experience, that rings true. LinkedIn feels like a place to expound ideas rather that participate in discussion…at least at the moment.

Twitter feels much more conversational.

It’s also the place I feel most comfortable posting multiple times a day, and therefore the place where I feel like I can promote things the best.

So I’m back there. I’ve taken some steps to make it less frustrating, which I’ve outlined for members in an upcoming newsletter, and in a recent episode of How I Built It PRO.

If you’re still there, you can follow me @jcasabona.

  1. Though there were some aspect I did miss. ?

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