On Leaving Twitter

I mocked these posts. Made fun of people. Told them at Christmas that no one cares if you leave Twitter1.

Now I’m writing the post. Banning 3rd party apps, and turning on the “Home” feed (with stuff you didn’t opt-in to seeing) was a bridge too far. It took my carefully curated experience and turned it into a mess of aggravation.

It was everything I hated about Twitter, that 3rd party apps fixed. Jason Snell put very well my feelings on the matter.

So I made the tweet. The one you make to pin to your profile, letting people know where they can find you:

My plan from here it to work on a “micro blog” type of post for this site, and be active on other social platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

I’m not fully on-board with Mastodon yet because it feels like a disjointed mess, but if Ivory by Tapbots2 can fix it, I will consider it.

The best way to get in touch with me is via email: joe@casabona.org or via ZipMessage.

  1. For the record, I still think that’s true. ?
  2. Who made the incomparable Tweetbot Twitter client ?

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