Build Your Website Toolkit Cheaply on Black Friday

Build Your Website Toolkit Cheaply on Black Friday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and apparently the weeks before and after, nowadays, are a great time for you to pick up TVs, Appliances, and…software? Indeed, lots of online companies offer great deals (some even lifetime) around Black Friday. This can be very good for your business. Here’s a great toolkit you can make for cheap, thanks to Black Friday deals.

So I’m not going to give you every deal under the sun. Instead, you’ll see a few deals that are great to add to your toolkit for making websites quickly and easily. Let’s get started!

Hosting: SiteGround (75% off)

Dates: Wednesday Nov 27 through Monday Dec 2

Every website starts with good hosting, and there’s lots of competition out there. If you’re starting out, I strongly recommend SiteGround. They provide easy WordPress installation, free secure domains, multiple site support, backups, and more.

And for Cyber Weekend, you can get up to 75% off their plans – no coupon needed. I recommend (and use) GoGeek if you’re doing client work. You’ll save $314!

Theme: Astra Pro (30% off)

Dates: Monday Nov 25 through Wednesday Dec 4

A good toolkit needs a rock solid theme, and in my opinion, there’s nothing better than Astra Pro. This lightweight, fast, and flexible theme works with a whole host of WordPress plugins, including Beaver Builder, LearnDash, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and more. They’ve got some really talented people working on this theme. I’m even using Astra Pro on 2 out of 3 of my major sites.

During Cyber Week(!!), you can get 30% off – no coupon needed. You can save $150 on the lifetime mini agency bundle – the one I’d recommend.

Page Builder: Beaver Builder (25% off)

Dates: Friday Nov 29 through Monday Dec. 2

Let’s face it: WordPress gets us a lot of the way there, especially with the Gutenberg, the new block editor, but there is still a lot to be desired…especially if you want to build a nice looking landing page.

That’s where Beaver Builder comes in. Beaver Builder is an incredibly flexible page builder – you can design an entire page right within your browser…no code required.

That means whether you need a beautiful landing page, need to implement a complex page layout for nice content, or you just want to spruce up the default template a little, Beaver Builder has you covered.

And for Cyber Weekend, you can save $50 on the PRO license, which gives you unlimited sites. No coupon code required.

Forms Builder: Ninja Forms (Up to 70% off)

Dates: Friday Nov 29 through Tuesday Dec. 3

My friends at Ninja Forms make a great product that you can pretty much get for free if you need the basics. But if you’re looking for more, their a la carte pricing model makes it easy to just get the features you need.

And this year, they’re donating 10% of all Cyber Weekend sales to Operation Smile.

Visit the site during the sale, spin the wheel, and get your discount code.

Alternate: WPForms (60% Off)

Dates: Monday Nov 25 through Monday Dec. 2

If you’re looking for one simple package for all your form needs, WPForms is a great option.

On top of getting a bunch of prebuilt forms (which save you a TON of time), you can connect your forms to all sorts of applications, like Mailchimp, Paypal, and Zapier.

That means that this form builder of yours can power heavy duty functionality, like ticket sales, event registration, job applications, and tons more. Of all the form builders I’ve used (many), I think WP Forms actually has the most robust, and unique, feature set. This gives you the most flexibility for your forms.

I think the Plus plan is great if you don’t need payment processing. You’ll save $119.40 too. No coupon code required.

Performance: WP Rocket (35% off)

Dates: Tuesday Nov 26 through Tuesday Dec. 3rd

Fast sites convert more users and create a pleasant browser experience. Plus, they help with SEO. There’s no better tool for improving performance than WP Rocket.

It’s takes a little setup, and then you forget it’s running. I highly recommend it. And you can save $88 on the infinite sites license. Plus, they always offer deep discounts for renewing. No coupon code required.

Popup / Marketing Tool: OptinMonster (35% Off)

Dates: Monday Nov 25 through Friday Dec. 6

OptinMonster is the number one tool for popups and email signups. But the tool also does so much more…cart abandonment, personalization, and integration with tons of apps. Plus they have lots of beautiful templates to work from.

This is a monthly subscription (billed annually), so I’d recommend starting slow unless you’re really compelled to upgrade. The Plus plan will help you start to see the value in what it does and give you access to lots of great features. That’s a savings of $80. No coupon code required.

Alternate: Ahoy (40% off)

Dates: Tuesday Nov 26 through Tuesday Dec. 3

If you’re looking for a stripped down WordPress solution, Ahoy is where it’s at. You can create simple, unobtrusive popups in the bottom right to do everything from email sign ups to support, or even cart abandonment. I’ve been using it on my sites and have seen a very positive impact. They also sponsor my podcast!

You can save $76 with the Pro plan. No coupon code required.

Coming Soon Page by SeedProd (35% Off)

Dates: Monday Nov 25 through Monday Dec. 2

When you’re working on a site, hiding it behind a coming soon page is a great way to keep the page looking clean, while getting some SEO juice, and collecting email addresses.

The best tool for WordPress is Coming Soon by SeedProd. And you can save $30 on the Plus plan this week. No coupon code required.

Advanced Custom Fields PRO (25% Off)

Dates: Friday Nov 29 through Monday Dec. 2

Rounding out this incredible toolkit is an incredible plugin: ACF PRO. The already ridiculously priced plugin is giving it’s swan song before raising prices in January. You can get 25% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY2019.

Do it now. Get the Developer plan and save that extra $19, for a grand total of $57, USD, for unlimited access to an invaluable plugin.


That’s a grand total savings of $900 at least, if you take advantage of all the deals. There are some great buys here, especially if you’re building something for your business, or for a client.

What other tools do you want to add to your toolkit? Let me know in the comments below!

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