2 Weeks with the AirPods Pro

My Thoughts on the AirPods Pro 2 Weeks in…

I’ve had the AirPods Pro for 2 weeks and have taken them on planes, trains, and automobiles. Well…not trains. But planes, cars, conferences, and coffee shops! Let’s see how they measure up.

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Ticking all the Boxes

I recommend these on my gift guide for people who work from home, and for good reason. What attracted me to the AirPods Pro is that they ticked all the boxes for me:

  1. I don’t need to bring 2 sets of headphones with me.
  2. There’s an air-pressure release so I don’t get a headache.
  3. Transparent mode so I can hear without taking them out.
  4. Water resistant to sweat when I work out.
  5. An app that checks their fit/seal to make sure you’re using the right attachment, so they don’t fall out when you work out.

So how did they measure up? I talk at-length in the video, but here are the big talking points:

Noise Cancelling in AirPods Pro

The noise cancelling is good (but not perfect). Still, it’s good enough for me. I’m happy with them and will be traveling with only them.

I’ve used the AirPods Pro on planes, in coffee shops, at the gym, and more. They are really good at filtering out consistent noise (like a jet fan) or general room noise. If someone gets really loud, they might fail. That’s fine by me.

Transparent Mode

I use it a lot. Not usually when I’m talking to someone because it looks rude, but if there’s an announcement or I want to hear something, I flip it on.

No Headache!

These are the first noise cancelling headphones I’ve used where I haven’t gotten a headache while using them. That’s incredibly exciting for me – especially because I prefer to use them for hours at a time.

They Stay in my Ears

Finally, I’m happy to report these stay in my ears really well. I’ve used them at the gym with no issue (after this video was recorded), and I fell asleep on my last flight with them in and they stayed put.

Check out the Video

If you’d like to get my full thoughts, check out the video above. Are you thinking of getting AirPods Pro? Have any specific questions? Let me know in the comments!