I'm Running a Cyber Week Sale, but Didn't Tell Anyone Why.

I’m Running a Cyber Week Sale, but Didn’t Tell Anyone Why.

On Monday I sent out an email to most of my subscribers, telling them they’d only get one Cyber Week Sale from me. Today I broke that promise, but I believe I had good reason.

I’m Still Learning How to be a Marketer

I’m still learning the ropes of good marketing, and left out a crucial part of the email I sent to my list on Monday. So you know I’m not just saying that, it’s something I learned in the most recent episode of the Smart Passive Income podcast, which came out Wednesday.

I didn’t tell them why I’m running the sale.

I’m not just Selling for the Sake of it

See, I’m not just doing a Cyber Week sale to sell more memberships. Don’t get me wrong: that’s part of it. But the real reason is this:

I want to build a community faster than it’s currently growing, and you’re the most important part of that.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching since I launched memberships in July. I had a mission and I thought that mission was to teach people how to make websites, without code. I thought I needed to do that by offering as much content as possible. But that’s not the right approach.

A Community is What Makes Memberships Worth it

The right approach is to enable members to build better websites, faster. And yes…a few courses will definitely help them do that. But a community will help them even more.

Instead of bombarding members with content, I want to teach them the basics, and help them understand what questions they should ask. Then, the community (myself included) can answer those questions.

The Cyber Week Sale: 25% Off

So from now until Tuesday, I’m running a 25% off sale. You can save $37 on the annual membership (making it less than most of the courses currently offered). You an also save $100 and become a lifetime member.

With your help, we can make 2020 amazing. I know it.

PS – I’m also donating 3% of all sales through Giving Tuesday (Dec. 3rd) to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Even more reason to sign up now.

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