2014 Gift Guide for the Remote Worker

Working remotely/from home is not only something I started doing this year, it’s something that’s becoming more and more popular. Big companies are allowing it, there are books published on it, and it makes a lot of business sense too. I thought in addition to my regular gift guides, I’d put something out there for all the remote workers and their family and friends.

Headphones and Microphone


Remote workers will spend a ton of time using these two items since it’s our primary way of meeting with coworkers and clients. Good, comfortable headphones are clutch; I wear mine for hours at a time, especially when I’m at my local coworking space, so comfort and quality are important. I strongly recommend the V-MODA Crossfades I picked up a couple years ago.

A good mic means sounding clear and crisp during meetings, and is just as much for the recipient as it is for the people who have to listen to him/her. I currently have the Samson Meteor Mic, which I really like. But below are 2 that happen to be on my wishlist

Comforts of Home


Working from home means  you need to be comfortable. It also means never having to put on real clothes. Slippers, PJ Pants, a solid desk chair, and a really good coffee maker are all excellent gifts to make sure your remote worker is comfortable at the home office.

Travel Gear


If your remote worker is anything like me, they get cabin fever pretty easily. I have some good stuff to make it easy for me to travel, including a good bag and an extra charger. Here’s a good list:

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