2014 Gift Guide for Web Developers

I recently published a new gift guide on this site- one for Remote Workers (as a matter of fact, there’s some good stuff on that list that could be on this list). I think it’s a pretty good one, so you should check it out if you haven’t already. Today I’m giving you my slightly more annual list: theGift Guide for Web People. There are some constants on the list that I’m going to list at the bottom, but I’m going to try to add mostly new stuff for this year. Check out the list after the jump.

A Github Pro Account


Github is all the rage these days! In the last year or so, I’ve personally gone through a huge transformation in not only the way I develop, but my outlook on how to handle releasing my code. I want to put everything on Github, and there are some things, for whatever reason, that require staying private. While Github is free for public repos, a pro account will give the web person in your life some privacy, at least code-wise.

Lynda.com Subscription


On that same token, everything changes so quickly in this field that if you don’t keep up, you can get left behind. Lynda.com has so many amazing courses and tutorials for people of all walks of life, but they’ve carved out a nice niche for web developers. A subscription for this site would be greatly appreciated.

Cotton Bureau Shirts

Screenshot 2014-12-03 09.56.30

T-Shirts seem to be part of the uniform for web developers, and the graphics and quality of Cotton Bureau’s can’t be beat. I would highly recommend a bunch of shirts from this site. But beware: if 12 haven’t been sold, they won’t go to print.

Das Keyboard Professional Model S for Mac


It’s a super clicky keyboard! I picked one up this year and absolutely love it. In-fact, I love it so much I’m picking up a second one for my coworking space desk.

The Constants

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