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How Do You Listen to Podcasts? (Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card)

I’ve spent more than one post on this blog talking about podcast sponsorships. Today, I wanted to talk about podcast listeners. There are a lot of stats out there for website users – where they came from, what they do on the site, how long they stay, and a lot more. While there have been strides in the last few months surrounding stats on podcasts, I feel like I still don’t know much about my listeners. I’ve tried surveys in the past, but they didn’t go well. So I’m switching things up a bit.

Quick Tip: Turn off Amazon Wishlist Spoilers

While talking to my mother, whom I sent my Amazon Wishlist to for gift ideas, she told me to not check Amazon until Christmas because she bought stuff off of my list and didn’t want me to see what she got. Luckily, Amazon has thought of this, and there is a really simple way to make sure that you don’t see when people buy things off your list.

  1. Go to your Amazon Wish List.
  2. In the List Actions drop-down (towards the top of the list, on the right), click Update list profile.
  3. Check  “Don’t spoil my surprises.”
  4. Click Save.

That’s it! You can now view your list without worry of spoilers.

Why Amazon Prime is so Great

Most of you probably know what Amazon Prime is and how it works, but if you don’t, the best way to describe it is an annual subscription that gives you free 2-Day shipping on orders from (+ some other perks). For the better part of a decade, you could pay $79 for Prime; in March they raised the fee to $99. At that price, it is still well worth it to me, and getting better every day. Here’s why.

Links Round Up for 04/10/11


I also did a couple of write-ups for about Amazon’s new Cloud services:

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As a side note, I saw The Fighter & Black Swan this week. They were both really awesome movies.

Favorites of 2010

Happy New Years Eve! As tradition for the last couple of years, here is a list of my favorites from 2010.

  • Favorite Tech Toy: Amazon Kindle. Competition was pretty stiff this year with all of the new gadgets I got- an iPad, a new Macbook Pro, and most recently, the HTC Incredible. I also broke from choosing my cell phone as my favorite tech toy. I got the Kindle for Christmas last year and love it. I’m including it in the 2010 running because most of the use came in 2010. The reading experience is superior to the iPad, the book selection is huge, it’s lightweight and very portable, and I love that you can make notes and annotations on it. I feel like I read more in 2010 because of the Kindle.
  • App/Website: Dropbox. This is another thing I had in 2009 but didn’t start really using until 2010. Dropbox makes it amazingly easy to sync across all of my devices (Mac, PC, iPad, Android Phone). I’m considering upgrading so I can try some of the neat advanced things you can do.
  • Favorite Book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My friend Katie recommended it, and even though it’s a fairly long book, it’s a quick read because of the fast pace of the story. I highly recommending it. I’ll be starting the next one soon!
  • TV Show: Dexter. I was lucky enough to start a series this year that I’ve been missing out on. Dexter is an awesome show about a good guy who’s also serial killer. The show is thrilling and intellectually stimulating, and the acting is rock solid. I highly recommend it if you’ve never watched it.
  • Movie: Inception. Leo DiCaprio had a great 2010. For a while, I though Shutter Island would be the best movie of the year. Then Inception came out and blew my mind. Cause for a lot of discussion and speculation, it’s a movie that keeps on giving, and an original idea at that.
  • Music: The Gaslight Anthem. My brother Phil and friend Danny told me about them in August/September and I’ve been listening to them daily since. I love their classic alternative rock sound (non of this new-alternative Nickelback crap) and the lead singer’s vocals are awesome. I highly recommend them. As far as new in 2010, Mumford and Sons is pretty awesome. You should check them out too.

Why iTunes Proves Apple is Only in it to Make Money

I know what you’re going to say; “All companies want to make money.”  As a red-blooded, meat-eating, American capitalist, I think that’s a good thing. But there seems to be a thought among computer nerds (and most Apple product users) that Apple is the white light to Microsoft’s Eye of Sauron (sorry…I recently watched Lord of the Rings). That simply isn’t true, and iTunes proves it.  It also proves that you don’t need to have the best, you just need to market it the right way.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why iTunes is the bay window looking into what Apple really cares about most (hint: it’s money).