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To continue my love affair with the Droid, today I’m writing about the Droid accessories I use the most. I created an Amazon Listmaina List of my favorite accessories, and I will likely continue to add to them as I use more. Here are the five I use the most.

The Droid Dock: Definitely Number One on my list. I’ve wanted it since I heard about it but waiting until after Christmas to get it (availability had something to do with it). It brings out a custom media screen with time, alarm, weather, and links to music, videos, and the home screen. I also got the Screen On app to have the screen stay on while it’s in the dock, so I have a very nice alarm clock. One of my favorite little things is ‘night mode’- press the light bulb icon and the screen goes to a dimmer blue.

Invisible Screen Shield: Got this at Best Buy- for an extra $7 they apply it and it has a lifetime guarantee. It’s strong, scratch proof, and I barely know it’s there.

Car Charger: Necessary if you use the GPS, music, or travel a lot.

Car Mount: This is a nice little tool, especially if you’re using the GPS a lot. Mount it in the car, put your Droid in it and it goes right to the car home screen (bigger icons, links to maps, voice dial, and contacts). My only gripe is that the Droid doesn’t charge while it’s in the mount. Hopefully that can be fixed with a software update.

Bluetooth SpeakerPhone: Not a Droid specific accessory per say, but list-worthy none the less. I’ve also used it with my blackberry and it’s amazing. It connects via bluetooth to your phone so you can dial and speak through that as well as control your music player, however it also has a bulit-in FM transmitter so you can listen through your car stereo. This makes my drive MUCH more enjoyable.

So what are your favorite Droid, or cell phone accessories? Let me know in the comments!

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