The Green Day Concert.

Billy Joe Armstrong is a fucking god. Just Unbelieveable. Watching Green Day perform live is not just something you can describe using words. It has to be expirienced. Billy Joe knows how to really get the crowd going, and has so much engery. To be honest, I wish the seats were a little closer, but Im glad for the first show i got to see it from up top. I got to see everything that was going on- we could see the band, the nice lighting effects and shit like that. But the highlights: Billy crowd surfing, the crowd involvement, and him calling 3 people up on stage to play for them. This rendered me speechless. I couldnt believe it. Then, Billy GAVE his guitar to the person who played it. FUCK. HE IS SO COOL. They opened with American Idiot, and closed with Good Riddance. Some other songs they played: Jesus of Suburiba, Holiday, Boulavard of Broken Dreams, Longview, Basket case, She (in a row), Brain Stew and Jaded (in a row), Homecoming, St. Jimmy, a couple songs from Kurplunk, and Minority. They also played Shout and We are the Champions. If you ever get the chance to see Green Day in concert, take it. It is like nothing you will ever see. Later

The Summer…

So im back at school now and a believe an end of the summer wrap up is in order.
First of all, move in went well, except that i dont think i have enought power in the outlets on my side to run the anti-piece. And I blew my really nice speakers i got for christmas: ( But anyway, on to summer.
I had fun this summer. Some of the highlights include: MD, Six Flags, The Palisaides, and the million movies i saw with the pheez. However, i didnt get to see all my friends. So, If i didnt get to see u, you should visit! Let me know. Some goals for the year. Do well- I think im going to have to study a lot. and Keep the room clean. that would be cool if i could do that. I also told sean to make me go to the gym. But right know im a beat skeet skeet and need to move the freshmen in tomorrow. So- Later.


A Clockwork Orange…no rating…

There are only so many movies that will seriously make you reflect on your life, and then the movie, on what you just watched, and then on your life again, and make you think about the morals that were just explored in that movie, and how it relates your life. All of these movies are viewed in your freshman year of college. Well there was Donnie Darko, Reqium, and now, A Clockwork Orange. A movie in which every character has their moral views put into question. It starts off with Alew and his group of old fellows, going out for a night of ultraviolence. He spoke strangly. Anyway, so they go out, beat up a hobo, get into a gang fight, and then rape a woman and beat his husband. The next day he “puts his crew in place” by showing them whos boss. That night, while trying another place to find a woman, He kills her and goes to jail.
Let me take a moment to tell you about Alex. He is a high schooler, lives with his parents. Has a social advisor. Likes “Ludwig Van”. Now he is sentenced to 14 years in prison. In 2, however, he is offered freedom as long as he “cooperates”. SO he goes through this procedure that basically brainwashes him so whenever he is presented with any violence, ie, beating, raping, and whatnot, he becomes horribly sick. When released, his parents kick him out, the hobo beats him, is friend betrays him, and people try to make him kill himself. Also, he cannot listen to The 9th Symphony, because it was played durring his treatment. Now, he really has no free will. So the question presented is: Is violence because of freewill better or worse that being good without freewill? See the movie, tell me what you think. At first you will most likely hate it (i did) but by the end, you will love it. Later


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- 10/10…

This movie was fucking amazing. You will get the gist of it from the trailer. But there is so much more to this movie. It is a movie that will make you reflect on what you just saw. So warning: This is not a movie for people who want to think. But the idea of going in and erasing someone from your memory is one that will make you think, whether you want to or not.

At first to some it might sound cool. Get rid of all the bad memories. But when you erase someone, you get rid of all the good ones too. And this movie makes the clear. You know one of the morals of the story right off the bat. But its the theme that I got out of this movie that will make you think. As well as the whole concept.

When more people see this movie, i will talk about it, so comment and tell me what you think. But I warn you: If you really enjoyed Bill and Ted’s excellet adventure for more than just a silly comedy, you will NOT like this movie. Most people will though. I dont want to give anything away or sway what people will think by mentioning something, so i will say no more. Go see it. NOW. Later


Donnie Darko….

The Name of the movie we just watched. It was good. And there is alot to think about. One of those movies where u gotta take a second look. Its about time travel, portholes, and there is some Christ imagery. Definatly alot to think about.
Other wise, I gave my speech today. I finally feel less overwhelmed. Like a burden was lifted. So what did I do once that burden was lifted? Played LOTR for GameCube. I love it. Legolas is the shit. Iwant to be an arrow shooting elf. hahah. Im on the second part of the battle at Helm’s Gate. O man. Its rough. but me and barry have almost beat the game. Well, techincally he did, but i didnt. He played it all day. Soon though.
[Random Thought]- I want to see timeline. The commercial just came on. Well Its bed time for me. Later.

Dear Roberta Sparrow, I have reached the end of your book and… there are so many things that I need to ask you. Sometimes I’m afraid of what you might tell me. Sometimes I’m afraid that you’ll tell me that this is not a work of fiction. I can only hope that the answers will come to me in my sleep. I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to. Donnie Darko