Star Wars: A Reflection

Mike of Binary Bonsai gave an excellent review Reflection of Star Wars, including his thoughts on Episode 3. I feel that I too should give a relection on the movies as a whole, as opposed to a haphazzard sort-of review. But I don’t have the time right now. I’d like too- but it would be in no way shape or form as good as Mike’s. His was heartfilled, meaningful, well written- worth the wait. Later.


TIE Fighter case mod

A sweet case mod for Star Wars geeks: a TIE Fighter. The cockpit holds the actual computer, and the rest doubles as a desk….
This is the most absolutly incredible thing i have ever seen in my life. Star Wars mixed with computers- and its a desk. at the heart of the desk is a computer?!?!?! Where do I buy one???

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Computers: My best friend, my worst enemy

Ok- so i have been formulating this post for a while. Its really just a commenting of two news articles I read. the first one I meant to post a while back, but didnt get around to it. Its about how over use of the computer causes glaucoma. Now, I can honestly say that over the past 2 or 3 years, my vision has gotten progressivly worse. Im not saying its from the computer. But I do use it alot. Like, its my job, my major, and my hobby. The Second article is about how men using laptops on their laps can cause testicular dysfucntion, such as low sperm count. In short, the heat generated from the laptop, resting on the lap of the user, is transfered in to the testicular area, where it raises the temperature serveral degrees, and does it work. Sweet. So Im going blind and im not gonna have kids. Later!

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The Brick Artist

I loved legos as a kid. As a metter of fact, put legos in front of me right now, and i will digress to my 13 year old self when me and my friend matt would spend hours on end building, playing with, and then destroying lego sculptures. In any case, the reason for the somewhat nostalgic intro was to show you this site. A man who makes photos out of legos. He started with his face, and his latest creation is Lindsey Lohan. It really amazing what he can do with just a few colors and thousands of different shaped pieces. Check it out. Later!

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Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a charity organization started by Penny Arcade. It’s a way for Gamers to help sick children durring the Christmas Season. Last year Child’s Play raised over $250,000 in games/toys/cash for a Children’s Hospital in Seattle. This year, there are 4 other Children’s Hospitals nationally getting help from Child’s Play. Their Goal is $300,000 and right now they are at just under $50K. Not only is PA my favorite Comic (by Far), this is really a great oppertunity for everyone to help out Children around Christmas time. I’m glad ill get to help out by allowing these kids something that I have experienced and loved for 19 years. Later.