Putting More Effort into LinkedIn

The social media platform wars are an ongoing nuisance for content creators. It seems like you need to be on all of them all the time.

But with claimed that Twitter is dying1, and a potential ban on TikTok from the US Government, the push and pull of where to be continues to be a constant question.

Upon reflection, I’ve realized that I get the most engagement, growth, and positive leads from LinkedIn. This is likely a result of my niche — marketers and business owners who are serious about making a podcast part of their business — being there primarily.

My Process

So I’m going all-in there. My process since the new year has been:

  1. Spend 30 minute in the morning writing 300-400 words in a “thread-style” post.
  2. Convert that text to an image template in Canva, and export it to a PDF so I can upload it as a Carousel on LinkedIn.
  3. Add all of the info to an Airtable base for my VA to post.

I’m trying to 3-4 per week, with 2 longer threads and 2 questions for engagement.

So far it’s been great, but there are some process improvements I’d like to make.


One constraint: I want this to take no more than 30 minutes per day.

The first is getting my VA or some automated service to convert the text to a LinkedIn Carousel2. I will likely put the text in Google Docs and go from there.

I’d also like to repurpose that content back to Twitter since I’m not entirely ready to abandon that. This will likely be taking the text, putting it in Typefully, and posting it.

Again, something I might be able to automate.

Finally, I want to engage with more podcasters on LinkedIn. The process improvements should allow me to spend more of the 30 minutes doing that.


So far, I’ve gained followers at a much faster rate on LinkedIn than any other social media platform, and I’ve had very positive interactions. A good number of folks have also joined my mailing list or reached out about services.

I’ll continue to report (and probably make a video for my How I Built It Pro members, but I’m optimistic.

  1. I won’t go that far, but I’m not paying $8/mo for Blue and it seems like my engagement has tanked because of it. ?
  2. Banner Bear appears to do this but I haven’t evaluated it yet. ?

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