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Doubling Down on Airtable

I’m a huge fan of Airtable; it’s the very basis of my podcast planners. But up until now, I haven’t been using it to its full potential.

I do some cool things, especially when it’s paired with Zapier (soon to be Make), but there are a ton of features I’m not taking advantage of.

This was made incredibly clear to me thanks to two recent experiences:

The first was Justin Moore sharing his sponsor tracker in Notion. I took a look at how he was doing things, and there were some very complex functions in there.

The second is friend Brian Richards. He created an incredible system in Airtable that tracks and building sponsorship packages, leads, and all sorts of other information for his virtual events.

I have a few ideas, one being a content dashboard to track the various pieces of content I’m working on across different platforms and clients.

The other is my own sponsorship tracker; I have some pieces of this already for How I Built It, but I’d like to formalize it better.

Finally, I want to be better at social media this year. Part of that will be posting consistently (and better), and part of it will be bringing in my VA to do more.

I’m excited at the prospect of building better systems to help us work.

If you want to see BTS videos of what I’m working on, you can become a member of How I Built It Pro.

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