Using Short Videos to Drive Business

Recently I did a podcast webinar and got an interesting question about using short videos to drive traffic. While this was for a physical (brick and mortar) business, the advice applies to anyone. Here’s what I shared with the asker.

Using videos to drive traffic is an excellent strategy. YouTube is the second-biggest search engine. Google predicts that by 2020 90% of all content consumed will be video. While I’m not super well-versed in this particular niche, I think you have 2 avenues:

  1. YouTube
  2. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are some of the most interacted-with content today. Having more “personal” videos to connect with visitors there is a big win. You can also save videos into categories on your Instagram account so they’ll never go away.

I’d suggest a strategy of longer YouTube videos and then Instagram stories that cover the highlights and push people towards your YouTube channel. Some helpful resources with that:

  1. The latest episode of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income
  2. 9 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Instagram Content (Feed + Stories)
  3. How to Use Video Content to Raise Brand Awareness and Sell Your Product

In general, The Science of Social Media in general is a really good podcast.

As a video producer myself, I can express enough how important I think the medium is. I’m incredibly busy in the next few months creating educational content, as it’s becoming increasing popular. I suggest you take advantage as soon as you can!

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