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Now is the Time to Start an Online Course!

When I first started freelancing, my resources were basically online discussion boards and people I knew in real life. I am eternally grateful for the people in my life who helped me get my business up and running, but since then, there’s been a bit of a revolution online. In 2018, it seems everyone is creating an online course. And not just great freelancers like Paul Jarvis or my friend Carrie Dils. Take a look at Judy Blum, Gordon Ramsey, and Steph Curry are all making courses on how to excel in their craft. And you can too.

Why Start One Now?

So why are we seeing an explosion of online courses now? There are a few things that we can point to:

  1. More bandwidth for people means the can stream high quality videos to their devices without it costing a fortune. The streaming revolution isn’t just for Netflix.
  2. Best hardware and software that are readily available for everyone. You no longer need to go to a studio or spend thousands to record an online course. For less than $500, you can get a decent mic, screen recording software, and a good web cam.
  3. Stats for Video Consumption are staggering. Video is consumed nearly constantly online, and it shows. YouTube is more popular than ever; people are going there for DIY videos. Twitter, Facebook, and Disney are all building their video platforms. Video converts better, and video is what most people choose.

The barrier to entry is lower than it’s ever been, and video is more popular than it’s ever been. People are flocking to the internet to learn just about everything. If you want to start an online course, now is the time.

What Do You Teach?

This is the million dollar question. I bet you’ve thought of something already though. Maybe there’s something you learned the hard way that you’d love to help people learn the easier way. Maybe you’ve taken a course and feel you can improve or add to the subject area. The possibilities are endless.

How do You Start an Online Course?

There are a lot of steps to starting one, including making sure you have an audience that follows you for the subject matter you want to teach. Over the last 10 years I’ve been teaching, both inside the classroom, and online, and I’ve learned a lot. And I get questions, a lot.

So I’ve decided to make an online course on how to make online courses. In it, you will learn how to establish expertise, how to build content that aides learning and retention, choosing your platform, pricing, and more. I loved putting this course together because it reminded me of when I started freelancing. I learned this the hard way. Now I way to teach you what I learned, so you don’t have to.

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