Creator Toolkit

I Have a New Podcast: Creator Toolkit

I’ve been mulling this idea in my head for about a month now. See, in the last 2 years running How I Built It, a podcast that has gained some shocking popularity, I’ve realized something. Podcasting is the most fun part of my day. I love interviewing people and publishing to such a great medium. I’m good at talking and have been since I was a kid. I want to keep podcasting, and I have other ideas. One is Creator Toolkit, a show I think would compliment How I Built It very nicely.

Carpenters Need Hammers

When I first introduced How I Built It I started off by saying that good carpenters learn from other carpenters. So I decided to ask people in my field (and soon after, other fields) how they built the websites, services, and products they run. It has been a truly rewarding experience and I know my business has grown because of it. But a good carpenter also needs a good hammer.

One they we don’t cover consistently on How I Built It is how all of the pieces come together. We often cover the “why” and sometimes the “what.” But we don’t cover the “how.”

Introducing Creator Toolkit

In Creator Toolkit, we’ll explore great tools. If you build something online, I want to help you do your job better. We’ll look at great software and hardware, services, plugins, development environments, and more. As the show goes on, hopefully your own creator toolkit will grow.

It will be a good mix of different content. We’ll answer questions like, “Should I use hosted or self-hosted solutions,” and “Should I use EDD or WooCommerce?”  We’ll build toolkits to help us make websites, like everything you need to build an LMS on WordPress.

Have a Listen, and Subscribe

The first official episode is out today. We evaluate using Hosted vs. Self-Hosted Solutions. If you like it, subscribe. I really hope you like it.