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You Can Win my Favorite Business Books

There are 2 absolute truths about me when it comes to books: I love reading and I don’t read enough. I try to read 18 books a year but generally end up around 12. I’m also of the opinion that I don’t read enough fiction. I focus mostly on Business books and US History. There have been a bunch of great books I’ve read in the last few years that really shaped my approach to running a business and how to grow it into something more sustainable without killing myself in the process. They’ve been so integral in the way I do things that I want help other people in the same way they helped me. That’s why I’m giving away 4 of my favorites. Enter after the jump.

These are the Business Books You Can Win

Don’t Make Me Think: The definitive guide on creating good UX, this book is a no BS look at how to build good interfaces on the web. If you do build anything on the internet (websites, apps, VR), this book is a must read.

Creativity, Inc.: Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, talks about his journey from college to founding one of the most successful movie studios in the world. There’s lots of great insight in leadership, adversity, and never giving up.

The 12 Week Year: I read this book earlier this year and it changed the way I approach my productivity and goals. While the tagline seems like “click bait,” the principles of goal setting and the system proposed his incredibly helpful for increasing productivity and moving the chains towards what you want to accomplish.

Start with Why: This book actually changed the way I think. The process that Simon proposes for deciding whether or not to start a business or new project will help you weed out the weak. Since starting with why, I’ve been able to halt projects I wasn’t really into, write better copy for the projects I’m really about, and define myself and my target audience much better.

Enter below to for a chance to win, and don’t forget the bonus entries!

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