I’m Working at Crowd Favorite

…or, “I really can’t wait to work for Chris Lema.”*

Today, I’m very excited to announce that starting in September, I will be a Front End Developer at Crowd Favorite.  I have been following the company since Alex King started it, love the work they do, and could not be happier to join a team that’s working on such great projects (I’ve actually been a big fan of Alex personally for a long time). I just recently accepted the job, but I can actually owe this to winning tickets to last year’s Pressnomics conference.

The conference was amazing, from the talks to the after party, where I met some pretty awesome people, including Alex, Chris Lema and Karim Marruchi (the current CEO of Crowd Favorite), with whom I’ve kept in contact (you form a special bond when you share cigars with people!). The group of folks and I had some fantastic conversations and from that point I started thinking about what it would be like to work with WordPress on an everyday basis and really be in the thick of it. I started to feel the pull towards what would be a career change.

As I attended more WordCamps, the pull only got stronger. I talked to a lot of people about the things they were working on and I wanted to do the same thing. When I saw Crowd Favorite was hiring, I jumped at the opportunity and consider myself very lucky to have gotten the job.

I can’t wait to get started. I see what Alex, Chris, Karim, and all of the folks at Crowd Favorite are doing and I can see it’s amazing. I love and appreciate what The University of Scranton has done for me, but I’m also very excited for the next adventure with an incredible company.

*While I promised I’d write that, I’m very excited to be working with Chris and the entire Crowd Favorite team!

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