Announcing The Web Designer’s Guide to Google Glass (ebook)

gg-coverOver the summer of 2013 I managed to get into the Google Glass Explorers program and got my hands on a set for myself. After using it for a while, especially spending time in the browser, I realized that this can (and likely will) change the way people will browser the web; Glass is only one of many pieces of wearable technology on the market and/or set to come out soon. With that in mind, I decided to write an article called The Web Designer’s Guide to Google Glass with the promise of an ebook coming out on the same topic. I’m happy to announce that book is finished and will be out in early March!

So what does the book cover that isn’t already covered in the article? Well…

This hands-on guide to optimizing web sites for Google Glass will show you how to take advantage of the latest advancements of this tiny screen, including watching videos and viewing forms. You’ll also take a look at the Mirror API and building web-based native apps for Google Glass, and get insightful tips from an expert designer on avoiding web design pitfalls.

I’m going to cover a few more topics, including looking at the design of the device, common terminology, web development, the Mirror API, and the future of Google Glass- how people use it an dhow they will use it.

It will be available through PeachPit/New Riders in early March and it will be the low, low price of $5, so keep an eye out!

Update! Buy it here.

3 thoughts on “Announcing The Web Designer’s Guide to Google Glass (ebook)”

  1. You da man! Looking forward to this ebook. Will you sell it through Amazon Kindle marketplace?

    I would love to open a dialogue with you offline about designing/developing websites for optimal Glass display experience. I see profitable business opportunities ahead with this. Email me and let’s get the ball rolling!

  2. BTW I just placed a pre-order forvthe eBook at Peachpit. Looking forward to March 7th!

  3. Great! I just would like to give a huge thumb up for the great info you have here on this post…desperately looking for this e-book to have a look up…thanks for the post !!!

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