Projects Roundup for February 7th.

I’ve had quite a productive week as far as new work, releases, and new projects go and I’d like to share them here on the blog. A few weeks ago I made a decision to revamp the way I work, learn new things, and even adjusted my work schedule a bit to make me more productive. This is the first full week where things really came together and I think it’s shown!

First, over last weekend I launched a new website and I’m really hoping it will gain some traction. It’s called IBringWith.Me and it’s a bag blog. I have a bit of an obsession with travel bags, particularly messenger bags; I have about 5 myself. I’ve also been traveling a lot lately so I continually think about how and what to pack. I’m sure lots of people think about this sort of thing (especially if you’re hitting the conference circuit) so I decided to start a blog about it. I’m currently working on the theme and looking for people to contribute ; if you’d like your bag covered on the site, fill out the form here.

I also started learning Sass! On Sunday I dedicated most of my time to redesigning my teaching site (launched by not finished) and used Sass instead of straight CSS. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend checking it out. If you need some help, check out @simplebits’s excellent book, Sass for Web Designers. I also released a codepen of a Sass function I wrote to automate heading styles.

I’ve started using Github for a lot of my work (and wrote a blog post about my new workflow here), and have released my first non-WordPress Open Source project, a simple URL shortener called Shortlinks. It’s in beta and I may make some updates to it, but this is what I’m using on my book’s website,

Here are a few other important links and such from the week:

  • Episode 10 of the TIL Podcast: To honor Philip Seymour Hoffman in the event of his untimely death, we did a podcast about his work. I discovered a lot of great movies that I didn’t realize he was in!
  • My WordCamp Phoenix Talk: The talk I have at WordCamp Phoenix about Responsive Design with WordPress is up and free to watch. Check it out!
  • Three Branded Content Lessons from the NYTimes/MSNBC Redesigns: I was asked by Tim Sohn to comment on the NYTimes and MSNBC responsive redesigns and what business can learn from them.
  • Happy Birthday @NEPAWP! If you’re in the Scranton area on March 7th, we are having a WordPress Meetup/Happy Hour to celebrate our 1st Anniversary. Sign up here if you’d like to attend!

Finally, some speaking events worth noting. Here is up upcoming schedule:

Friday, March 15 at 3pm: How Freelancers Can Diversify Their Income
WordCamp Miami 2019 - Florida International University School of Business 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33174
We’ve all experienced the feast and famine of running a business. There will be times where we are swamped with work, and times where there’s no work coming in at all. What if there were a way to ease the pain of both? In this talk, you will learn how you can prepare for the famine without breaking your back from the feast. All by diversifying your income streams.
March 16th, at 3pm: Panel: Promote Your Business And Get An Audience With Podcasts
WordCamp Miami 2019 - Florida International University School of Business 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33174
Yes, we all know podcasts are hot right now. Everyone’s listening and many people have gone down the path of launching their own. But what really defines a “successful” podcast? Have people in the WordPress space truly found ways to capture the attention of an audience (and make it financially sustainable)? Join Joe, Christie and a fantastic panel featuring (a way cooler) Joe Casabona, Jessica Ortega and Santiago Leon on the WPMRR WordPress podcast live from #WCMIA as they discuss their own journeys podcasting and you get an insider’s perspective.