Do We Need ANOTHER WordPress Hosting Company?

WordPress hosting companies are a dime a dozen these days, and if you’re going to be one, you need to differentiate yourself. This could be by offering managed WooCommerce hosting, adding on a theme shop for all customers, or creating a fantastic local development environment that integrates perfectly. When it comes to WordPress host WPX, there are 3 features that differentiate them from competitors.


A Simple Solution to Selling Workshops

While working out my income and project goals for this year, something I added to my list was more paid workshops and webinars. I want people to be able to sign up, get the workshop and the replay, and learn something tangible. And as a WordPress developer, it’s easy to think, “Oh I can put this whole thing on WordPress. But I’ve been actively deciding against WordPress for things like this. Here’s why.

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The way to learn WordPress is not by contributing

has happened in WordPress this year, and what we can expect moving forward. As always, he extolled the virtues of open source and the importance of contributing. He spent several minutes on Five for the Future, a program encouraging companies who make money with WordPress to give 5% of their time to the open source project. And while I strongly recommend contributing, I don’t think it’s the path someone should take when they first learn.

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Announcing WP Learning Paths

Someone entering the WordPress space today may not know where to start, either with what to specialize in, or how to learn the skills. As a result, I wanted to create a simple resource for people to see what paths the can go down when it comes to learning WordPress, and where they can learn that craft. Today, I’m excited to announce WP Learning Paths.


Stop Focusing on WordPress Searches and Serve Your Customers

Over the last few months, we’ve seen several outlets report on the seemingly alarming decrease in search terms year-over-year in the WordPress space. But does it matter that the specific search terms are decreasing (sometimes marginally) even as WordPress and WooCommerce usage reach new heights. While well-meaning, I don’t think these reports solve the problem they think they’re solving.