Articles from Pocket July 5th, 2012

Here are some of my favorite articles from my Pocket account. I’ll probably do this sporadically based on how much I’m reading/how interesting the Internet is being. Responsive Navigation Patterns – Brad Frost (@brad_frost) COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere – Daniel Jacobson So You Want to Accept Credit Cards Online? – Bryan Jones/Nettuts+ 7 Principles of Effective …

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Favorites of 2011

What has seemingly become a tradition on this blog is my annual “Favorites of” post, where I recap some of my favorite things of the year. Even though the posts on this blog have slowed in recent months, I would like to keep that tradition, so here they are!

10+ iPad Apps for Students

With college starting up again after the holiday break and what I’m sure is many students heading back to school with a shiny new iPad, I figured it might be good to offer a list of apps I’d find useful as a student.

Favorites of 2010

Happy New Years Eve! As tradition for the last couple of years, here is a list of my favorites from 2010. Favorite Tech Toy: Amazon Kindle. Competition was pretty stiff this year with all of the new gadgets I got- an iPad, a new Macbook Pro, and most recently, the HTC Incredible. I also broke …

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Book Review: HTML5 for Web Designers

HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith is a book I pre-ordered when it was first announced and I finally got around to reading it last week. I got it because it looked short & sweet, A List Apart does great work, and up until that point I didn’t know much about HTML5.

5 Books I’ve Found Helpful as a Freelance Web Developer

I do what I consider a good amount of reading (especially since I got my Kindle) and while I do read some fiction, I read mostly non-fiction on business, web development, or politics. I love reading stories of how companies got started and how to deal with certain aspects of business. Several books I’ve read …

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Busy May

Wow. I just realized I haven’t posted here since the end of April. And really, I have some ideas for posts, but no time. I am in the midst of finals week, projects, and getting ready to go out to San Francisco for Google I/O. I also have some ideas for projects I want to …

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I am searching for things to say about Choke that I have not already said about Palahnuik. I seem to use ‘roller coaster ride’ a lot, as well as some swear words. Let’s see how I do here. Choke is about a man named Victor Mancini who has a dying mother, a bad job, and …

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Ok, So I have been a little lax with the posts as of late. I promise, that I will, umm, post. Ive been working on a few projects, but alas, that is not why I come to you this evening. I want to show you This. A trailer for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, …

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