My 2018 Learning Plan

My 2018 Learning Plan

Every so often I like to come up with a learning plan for the year/month/week. Last year’s didn’t work out the way I hoped for a number of reasons (like having a baby, and going solo). But this year I’m doubling my efforts and came up with a plan where I set aside at least …

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2017 Summer Reading List

I’ve been trying to read more – and to that end, more fiction. I read 15 books last year (better than my one-per-month goal) and all were non-fiction except one. So this year, I’m committing reading more books (18) and more fiction (6). Here’s what I’ve got on the docket as we go into the …

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An Intro to Freelance 101

One of my goals for 2016 is to publish a new book. I actually have 3 separate ideas, including an update to Responsive Design with WordPress. However, there is a book that I have wanted to put out for over 6 years, with a first draft already done. Originally called The Student Freelancer, it covers a lot …

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100 Words 030

I finished reading Ready Player One yesterday, continuing my summer where I actually read books. It was a truly fantastic, easy, and entertaining book. I strongly recommend it.  I’ve really enjoyed taking time out of my day to just read. Usually I’ll go to my roof with a paperback and read up there, cigar in …

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100 Words 027

I’m getting the itch to write another book. It’s been about 2 years since I really got into the groove of writing Responsive Design with WordPress and about a year and a half since it came out. I’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas to coincide with other projects I’m working on, including 100 Words and TIL …

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Summer Reading

Admittedly, I have not been reading as much as I ‘d like to this year. I was hoping to read 2 books a month; unfortunately I started more than I’ve finished. That is, up until last weekend when I went to the beach. I managed to read 3 books over the course of 4 days. Allow me to tell you …

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100 Words 017

I took a few days off from this and most things online. I checked in once a day but didn’t spend too much time in front of the computer – I’m on vacation at the beach. It seemed wrong. I did get a TON of reading done. I finished 3 books in the span of …

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100 Words 009

I’ve been trying to read more; it isn’t working out the way I had hoped, but I’m still making the effort. I have started at least 3 books without finishing them, but right now I’m reading Gumption by Nick Offerman. I loved Paddle Your Own Canoe and couldn’t wait for the follow-up title by Ron Swanson. It’s 21 essays …

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Some of my Favorite Books

Over at Coalwork we discussed starting a book club for the members. We’re still working out the details and getting interest, but it got me thinking of what books I would recommend to the group as well as ones I want to read. I’ve decided to compile a short list here.