Podcast Do’s and Dont’s

Podcast Do’s and Don’ts

As you start your podcast, you’ll be faced with tons of decisions to make, like format, topics, artwork, what kind of gear to buy, and more. here are some dos and don’ts to help make your journey a little smoother.

Be Inquisitive

Have an Inquisitive Mind

If I had to pick one thing I knew for certain my wife likes about me, it would be my inquisitive nature. She says it regularly. It’s because we’ll be talking about something and I’ll blurt out, “I wonder how that started,” or “Who do you think the first person to try that was,” or …

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Facebook Places

A couple of weeks ago Facebook announced the latest service in their social networking scheme, Places. It allows you to ‘check-in’ using your iPhone or the mobile web and post your location to your Facebook profile. You can also tag friends and see who is nearby. I asked my students- college freshmen- what they thought …

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