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Hey hey! A quick preamble: thanks to a prompt from Benjamin Watkins, I’m resurrecting the Medium blog for a bit. I’ll likely still focus on family, but we’ll see where it goes!

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I’m a huge Yankee fan. So in October, when I left for Mexico for a few days and Aaron Judge hadn’t hit #62 yet, I made sure I was able to watch it on my phone, an knew exactly when he’d be at bat.

The moment came while I was at dinner with some friends.

So as I sat there, watching the game on my 6” screen, I couldn’t help but notice something: lots of people at the stadium were a watching that moment the same exact way I was: through their phones.

I noticed the same thing when LeBron James became the all-time NBA scorer.

My advice to you: Don’t worry about recording it. There will be far better recordings.

Don’t worry about sharing it on social media. It’s cool that you were there (I would have loved there be there for Judge’s 62nd), but does it really count if you’re watching the big moment through a screen anyway?

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