The Peak Design Everyday Case

I have never been a big fan of cases. I don’t like my phone1 to be bulkier than it needs to be.

And for a long time, I didn’t need them. I was flummoxed by people who broke their phones. The first time I had to use phone insurance for a shattered device, my wife, then girlfriend dropped it2.

But recently, I find myself dropping my device a lot. I’m trying to do too many things, multitasking while also trying to be a dad to 3 small kids, and my phone gets dropped (or picked up by my children, and then dropped).

Suffice to say, I’m willing to invest in a $12-50 case if it means I don’t have to pay $100 to get it repaired before trading it in.

I wanted a good mix of sleekness and protection, and thought I’d go with the Caudable Sheath, which has been drop tested up to 6.6 feet. I’ve used it before and really liked it.

But I also decided to try the Peak Design Everyday Case. I like their bags and other gear, it looked nice, and they have a whole accessories system3.

And my friends…I’ve seen the Promised Land of phone cases. It’s so good.

photo from peakdesign.com

It’s slimmer than the Sheath and nearly as protective – 6 feet vs. the Sheath’s 6.6 feet.

It’s sturdy with all of my current MagSafe accessories, and I also got the mini tripod. It’s great for photos, as well as watching or hands-free reading.

If you’re in the market for a new phone case, I highly recommend the Peak Design Everyday Case. It’s won me over. It will be the case I buy for new phones as long as they make it.

  1. Or any of my devices for that matter ?
  2. She is a phone assassin. I call her that to her face. ?
  3. I love phone accessories. ?

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