The Ashton Classic: A Reliable Smoke

Now that the weather is finally getting better here in the Northeast, it’s time to enjoy the sun, being outside, and having a nice smoke on your deck or patio. If you’re looking for a nice way to start off the smoking season, you can’t go wrong with an Ashton Classic.

When Famous-Smoke Shop sent me a 4-pack to try out, I figured the Classic would be a great cigar to share with a couple of friends and their thoughts about it. It seemed like the kind of cigar that all types of smokers can enjoy.

Luckily, my friends came to the same conclusion. We all felt it was a nice cigar for beginners to try because the classic smooth, mild taste that’s common of so many cigars from the Dominican Republic. The Natural Connecticut Wrapper really accents those flavors. On top of that, it’s easy to light and burns evenly, so it’s not a lot of work to keep it lit.

However, even regular cigar smokers will enjoy this. Its creamy flavors and aroma make this the perfect cigar to just sit down and relax with, perhaps with a nice cup of coffee. My friend and I like to call these, “Sunday Morning Cigars.” Plus, at a price point of less than $10, it’s not an expensive buy. Tranquility for less than the price of a movie ticket.

Whether your new to the world of cigars or a seasoned veteran, The Ashton Classic is a smoke you can’t go wrong with. This makes it great for when you want some quite time by yourself or for what you want to hang out and share a nice cigar with some good friends. I know I’ll be spending some of my summer days enjoying this smoke.

Ashton Classic from Famous-Smoke

This is a sponsored post. Don’t fret though! It does not change the way I feel about Famous Smoke Shop or Ashton.

2 thoughts on “The Ashton Classic: A Reliable Smoke”

  1. I wanna have a smoke with you!! Maybe I can figure out a way to come visit over the summer…

  2. That sounds good to me 🙂 I think Erin and I are going to try to get to the Island too.

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