Rocky Patel Luxury Collection Cigars – Something for Everyone

Note: This is a sponsored post from Holt’s Cigar Company about Rocky Patel cigars. But don’t fret. It’s also an honest post.

I’m sitting at a beautiful resort in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico right now. This is my view:

…and it is beautiful. But aside from the view, I’m at a conference where I’m learning a lot, enjoying the weather, and smoking cigars with friends. While I have my own preferences as a seasoned cigar smoker, I understand my tastes are not the same as everyone else’s. And they might not be the fit for a newer smoker. Luckily, the Rocky Patel brand of cigars from Holt’s Cigar Company has a little something for everyone.

5 Different Rocky Patel Cigars

The Rocky Patel Luxury Collection comes with five different cigars – 2 of each:

  • 2 – Rocky Patel Ocean Club Toro (6 x 52)
  • 2 – Rocky Patel Velvet Edition Toro (6 x 52)
  • 2 – Rocky Patel Renaissance Toro (6.25 x 52)
  • 2 – Rocky Patel Decade Toro (6.5 x 52)
  • 2 – Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Toro (6.5 x 52)

While each of these cigars can get their own review, I don’t want this to turn into a 4,000 word review – so instead, I’ll just give you a run down: a little about the cigar, and who I think it’s for.

The Ocean Club

This oily medium-bodied smoke really surprised me. It felt a little on the lighter side of medium but starts off with a spicy kick. But don’t fret. It mellows out quickly and ends up being an enjoyable smoke.

It’s not personally for me, but I gave one to a friend of mine who rarely smokes and she loved it. I think this is a really nice cigar for those who enjoy smoother cigars. It’s also a good recommendation for newer smokers.

The Velvet Edition

This appropriately named cigar is smooth to the touch. It’s nice and light, with a creamy, coffee flavor. I love a good morning cigar and this is a nice complement to a latte or cup of coffee, no matter if you like it black, with cream, or light and sweet.

This one surprised me the most. To be frank, the name was a bit of a turn off for me until I unwrapped it. I thought maybe they were trying to make it sound fancier than it was. I was mistaken.

The Renaissance

The Rocky Patel Renaissance moves up in strength to the fuller side of medium-bodied. A little stronger than the Velvet edition and still with hints of coffee and vanilla, it also packs a little pepper somewhere in there.

This one is not for me, and like the Ocean Club, I gave the second one to a friend to try, and he enjoyed it. He was someone who smokes the occasional cigar and this was a great fit for him. This is a great cigar for sharing because it appeals to a number of cigar lovers.

The Decade

This was one of the first Rocky Patel cigars I have ever smoked. This medium to full-bodied smoke was originally blended to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Rocky Patel brand. It received a 95-point score in Cigar Aficionado following its debut. A nice oily smoke with complex flavors that don’t try to do too much.

If you enjoy these cigars, try it for yourself.

The Vintage 1990

My favorite Rocky and for a long time, my go to cigar. This is a medium cigar that feels like a full-bodied cigar as far as flavor goes. The consistent blend has received numerous ratings of 90 points and higher thanks to what Rocky Patel describes as “a nutty caramel essence.” I’m not sure I detected that, but it’s a great cigar nonetheless.

In my opinion, this is the best cigar in the bunch, and a very well-rounded cigar. When you smoke a Vintage 1990, you know what you are getting every time.

Pick up the Rocky Patel Luxury Collection Today

If you’re looking to try a bunch of different cigars to find what you like, or you’re going to a party and plan to share cigars with friends, the Rocky Patel Luxury Collection is a great, affordable pickup with something for everyone. I highly recommend it.

Rocky Patel Luxury Collection