What are You Passionate About?

I was having a conversation with a friend recently that lead me to ask myself that very question. I’ve written about passion on occasion and have a general idea of what I’m passionate about, but the question struck me differently this time. I think it’s because the question wasn’t asked of me outright. It was posed this way:

…find something you passionately want to teach…

I started thinking about what I passionately want to teach and you know what? I came up empty. I’ve always taken a “demand-based” approach to teaching?—?if someone needs a course on something, I can make that course. I certainly bring passion to the classroom because I’m passionate about teaching. But what is something that I feel I need to teach? It’s a question I’ve been pondering since last week.

What am I Generally Passionate About?

If we start here, I can come up with a few topics?—?none that I can build a course around yet?—?but a good launching point.

  • Technology
  • Teaching
  • Learning, Learning by Doing
  • Disney
  • Cigars

On WordPress in One Month, I teach people how to build things with WordPress. On my podcast, I talk to people who have built things. So what can I do to combine all of this stuff into a course that I passionately want to teach? Whom could I teach?

I Like Teaching Beginners

It’s apparent from my courses (both online and in-person) that I like teaching beginners. I like providing resources and tools to those who don’t have much of a starting point or base knowledge. Maybe that’s because I find starting a new project to be the hardest part.

Either way, this revelation puts me on the right track. I can passionately teach beginners something I know really well?—?something I love. Now it’s time to ask myself two questions:

  1. What do I Love to do?
  2. What do I wish I knew when I first started?

My First Website

My first website was a whole lot of trial and error. I downloaded Microsoft Frontpage and just kind of went to town, having no idea what I should be doing or what I should be asking my client (did I mention my first website was a paid gig?).

Sure there are a lot of courses out there on building your first website, but I can apply my level of passion for learning by doing to a course like this?—?a modern look at building your first website, where the first website is a fully functional, working, live website.

It’s a start. Let’s see if I can hash it out a bit more. In the meantime, answer this for me:

What are YOU passionate about?

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