Building Parsec: Speaking at WordCamp Lancaster

This Saturday (February 28th) I will be speaking at the 2nd Annual WordCamp Lancaster. I had an absolute blast last year, so I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s being held at Intermediate Unit 13 and there are still some tickets left, so if you can come I strongly recommend it!

I’m giving an update version of the talk I gave in San Antonio called, Building Parsec. Over the next few months, as time permits, I am developing a fully responsive theme based on the advice I give in my own book, with some updates. Since the last talk I’ve:

  • Found some new resources I plan on trying out
  • Updated the Style Tile
  • Made some headway with design

You can see the Github repo here. I’ll be adding this information to my talk and focus on some of the principles that are driving me to develop this way. If last year’s talk about preaching, this year’s is about practicing.

Interested? Register today! It’s only $20.