How to Improve Performance on Your WordPress Site

Did you know that 80% of website visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load? That’s a lot of lost revenue and opportunities. WordPress gets a bad wrap for for being slow, but it’s not usually WordPress’ fault! If you use the right tools, you can have a nice, fast site that keeps users happy and engaged. So what are the right tools?

There are a few tools that will help you out here! And I want to say off the bat that these are specifically WordPress tools. However, if you’re interested in general performance, I did a Creator Toolkit episode on general website performance.

Let’s start with the obvious: hosting.

WordPress Hosting

I know, I know: you shouldn’t always blame the hardware. But there’s no way around it: the right hosting means a faster website as much as the right transportation means getting to your destination faster. Don’t use a scooter to go cross country when you can fly.

Hosting is going to depend a whole lot on your goals and cost, but with Nexcess (a Liquid Web brand), you can get a single WordPress site hosted for $190/year. That’s pretty great and very competitive. Sure, you can find hosting for $14.99/month, or get a crazy discount of $4/month on the first year. But my dad says “do it once, do it right.” Don’t cheap out on hosting just do move your website later.

Your Theme: Astra Pro

I’ve thought a lot about this in particular. The way your WordPress theme is coded can affect performance a whole lot, from sizing and loading images, to asset inclusion (like Javascript files).

In my opinion, and from the performance tests of other companies, Astra Pro is one of the fastest WordPress themes on the market. I use it for several of my own sites, and I’m very happy with it. It’s fast, flexible, and comes with lots of different starter templates.

If you want something more opinionated and beautiful, check out what StudioPress has to offer.

Plugin: WP Rocket

Now, there are lots of plugins that claim to improve performance. There are ways you can optimize images and do some simple asset management, but in my opinion, the best all-around plugin for the job is WP Rocket.

I installed WP Rocket on my WooCommerce site and saw my performance ranking improve considerably. They do everything from caching and compression to more advanced actions like lazy loading and minification. If you need a good way to improve your website’s performance, WP Rocket is your best bet. And right now is a great time to check it out because:

  • They are having a 25% Off Sale now through July 7th.
  • WP101 just released a course on how to use WP Rocket!

Improve Your Performance Today!

So there you have it: 3 clear ways you can improve your WordPress site’s performance. If you’re looking for the quickest fix, WP Rocket is something you can get and install today to start seeing results.

If you want to go deeper on performance, be sure to check out that Creator Toolkit episode, and let me know in the comments what you’re doing to improve performance on your WordPress site.

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