How to Justify the $5 (or $10) for Rdio

Recently I signed up for online music streaming site Rdio as I was looking to fill the void that lala left after Apple ate them up and never spit them back out. I was using Grooveshark for free, but everything was pretty unorganized. I decided to take the plunge and pay the $5 monthly subscription for Rdio, and justifying the purchase is pretty easy.
I’m a music lover and digital pack rat. I probably spend $15-20/month on music. I’ll hear a song on a TV show, or hear about a new album and go off and buy it, hoping to like at least half the songs. Services like Amazon MP3 help a lot as they offer great deals on music, but I like to buy a lot. This is what makes Rdio so great.

For $5/mo, you can listen to any music from Rdio on your computer- add to your current queue or collection, create and subscribe to playlists, and even add your iTunes library to your collection. For $10/mo you can have access to your Rdio library on your Android, iOS, or Blackberry device. As it stands right now, I’m saving $10-15/month, though my music isn’t portable. However, if I paid the $10/mo, I’d still be saving at least $5/mo, on average.

As long as I pick up 5 new songs a month, I’ve justified my subscription for that month. Since this is my first month the number is a little padded, but I’ve added about 50 songs to my collection. I’d say I’m getting my money’s worth this month. I’m currently considering upgrading to include Rdio on my Android phone since $10 is roughly the cost of one album, but I haven’t had any strong urges to use it while I’m out. We’ll see if that changes.