The Bourne Supremecy…4.5

Ok- i didnt see the whole first one, but you really dont need to. I mean, you kind of do, for the begining of the movie. Anyway, it was awesome. Jason Bourne is still, 2 years later, trying to figure out who he was. Meanwhile, he gets framed for something that happened in Berlin, and boom, hes back on the map, running from the CIA. It keeps you guessing, and the action scenes kicked ass. There were a few plot twists, and the way it ends is probably the best way they could do it. I look forward to The Bourne Ultimatum. For those of you who dont know, these movies are based off of a 3 book series, and from what im told, they are much like the books. So thats cool. Def a movie worth seeing. Twice. Later.

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  1. Bourne Supremacy, or BS, may have some of the worst cinematography I’ve ever seen in a film. THe car chase made me feel epileptic. Also, I could have checked off the parts we replayed from BI on a list. See BI, Joey. It’s a better flick. Don’t get me wrong, I was entertained by BS… but some of it was awful.

    And for the record, it bears little resemblance to the books.

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